Corporate Team

Elite Clinical Network runs a tightly managed group of study sites that reflect the supervisory skills of a highly professional corporate team. Unlike the loose structure of an SMO, our organization relies upon hands-on attention to detail. Each management team member offers vast experience, research savvy and the skill to facilitate your studies in an efficient, expedient manner.

Chief Executive Officer

Sanjay brings 15 years of professional and leadership experience to ECN. Among his broad investing and operating background in private equity, Sanjay has direct experience in the biopharmaceutical and CRO space.
He most recently helped scale and exit Genesis Research, a Real-World Evidence (RWE) and Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) focused organization. Sanjay strives to live by the “no job is too small or too big” motto and is passionate about empowering and partnering with other driven individuals to build scalable, sustainable, and impactful organizations.

Chief OPERATIVE Officer

As Chief Operative Officer, David has launched and managed several successful clinical research sites over the course of his 18-year career. He has worked in every facet of the industry, including conducting phase one studies with many leading CROs and Sponsors.

His goal has always been to create a network of clinical sites unlike a SMO that is able to achieve high enrollment while ensuring the highest quality data.

“Our success is contributed to having a well-educated and diverse corporate team that is able to keep its finger on the pulse at all times, unlike a SMO we are a hands-on organization that knows how to achieve high enrollment while providing high quality data”

Chief Financial Officer

Jim brings over 25 years of financial leadership experience to ECN, partnering with investment sponsors and leadership teams in rapidly growing organizations.

With a broad understanding of operations, technology, sales, and human resources, Jim’s inclusive leadership approach promotes collaboration across the organization to develop results-focused strategies and outcomes. Jim is passionate about inspiring and collaborating towards sustainable, exceptional performance. He holds an MBA in both Finance and Information Technology, and is a CPA.

Chief Commercial Officer

Sarah brings a unique blend of scientific expertise and business acumen to her role as Chief Commercial Officer at Elite Clinical Network.

With a PhD in organic chemistry, she transitioned her career from drug discovery and development research to excel in strategic sales and marketing. Sarah has a track record of building high-achieving teams that ensure client success through effective communication and an immense focus on partnership. Sarah is dedicated to advancing human health, making her a transformative force in healthcare leadership at Elite Clinical Network

Medical Director

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and working in the Engineering industry for several years, Dr. Petersen changed her career path and received a medical degree in 1977
She has sense been running her own successful solo practice in Tucson, Arizona and begin working in Clinical Research in 2001. She has conducted over 100+ clinical studies and her technical background has been contributed to numerous accolades and awards tied to high enrollment and high quality data.

Vice President Human Resources

Diana brings over 10 years of Human Resources leadership experience to ECN, with an emphasis on developing HR programs in growth-oriented specialty healthcare organizations.

With advanced training in occupational health, psychology and compliance, she’s committed to developing equitable policies and procedures, while maintaining integrity and objectivity at all times. As a nationally recognized rare disease advocate, Diana is passionate about the advancement of clinical trial research and promoting patient accessibility to treatments.

VP Quality Assurance

As Vice President of Quality Assurance, Sarah has spent the last decade perfecting our quality standards and procedures.

Sarah and her team of quality inspectors understand the level of detail it takes to deliver a quality product, that’s why we inspect every chart at every visit before a subject leaves the clinic. “We take pride in the positive feedback we receive from our Sponsors, which in turn earns us repeat business. Quality is a never-ending process that we will never be truly satisfied with and we will always be striving to raise the bar against our competitors!”

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