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Our dedicated network of pharmaceutical research sites offers a wide range of physician specialties and candidate databases, under the close supervision of a corporate management team.


Elite Clinical chosen as a finalist on Site Tank for SiteScore app, an innovative clinical site oversight software.

Our Commitment to Sponsors and CROs

How We Deliver Our Commitment to You

What Makes Us Elite?

 Not an SMO

Conscientious attention to detail is at the heart of everything Elite Clinical Network does. A big part of that diligent care is reflected in our strong focus on management, with each of our sites supervised by a professional corporate team. We are not an SMO (Site-Managed Organization).

 Dedicated Leadership

What we are is a dedicated group of closely controlled pharmaceutical research sites that have been conducting successful clinical studies for over 50 years. Our network has been built upon the idea of personalized service that emphasizes study experience, investigator diversity and quality processes.

“Our success is based on our unique positioning and direct access to one of Southern California’s largest patient populations. We not only possess the acumen to provide our customers with superior quality, we can rapidly screen and enroll subjects in difficult studies and do it quickly!”

David  Wilson III,  COO

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Fully Dedicated In-House Recruitment Team

Elite's highly experience recruitment practices engages subjects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Clinical Research Subject Transportation

Dedicated Subject Transportation

24/7 Call Center

24/7 Call Center

Traditional Media Advertising

Traditional Media Advertising

Large Social Media Presence

Large Social Media Presence

Database of Research Study Participants

Extensive Database of Research Study Participants

50+ Dedicated Referral Practices and Physicians

50+ Dedicated Referral Practices and Physicians

Text Messaging

Instant Text Messaging