Why ECN Stands Apart in Clinical Research

Excellence in clinical research is our baseline, guided by a team with unmatched experience.

Core Values: Excellence & Commitment

At ECN, excellence in clinical research is our baseline, guided by a team with unmatched experience. As an integrated research organization, we are a unified network of expert research sites, celebrated for over 30 years of industry-leading work. 

Our approach is built on personalized service, encompassing diverse investigator expertise, deep study experiences, and strict adherence to quality. 

Expansive Presence: Key Locations & Partnerships

ECN’s strategic presence throughout the United States empowers us to conduct phase I-IV studies effectively. Our collaboration with leading CROs and sponsors highlights our adaptability and expertise. 

With a robust database and over 100 partner practices, our sites are fully prepared for detailed studies and extended research engagements.

Innovative Practices for Exceptional Outcomes

At ECN, we’re committed to the forefront of clinical research, leveraging the latest methodologies and continuous professional development in GCP, ICH, and FDA guidelines. 

Our dedication to medical science and patient care has garnered us prestigious industry recognition.

A Legacy of Growth and Leadership

Since our founding in 1993, ECN has transformed from a small research site into a leading multi-specialty clinic. 

ECN has expanded its impact, adding top-performing sites and practices to our network and continuing our tradition of excellence and innovation in clinical research.

Drive Clinical Innovation with ECN