What Makes Us Elite?

The work of Elite Clinical Network, LLC reflects diligent care and management, with each of our sites supervised by a professional corporate team. We are not a SMO (Site-Managed Organization). What we are is a dedicated group of closely controlled pharmaceutical research sites that have been conducting successful clinical studies for over 20 years. Our network has been built upon the idea of personalized service that emphasizes study experience, investigator diversity and quality processes.

Conveniently located throughout California, Nevada and Arizona, our network can conduct phase I-IV research studies. We have worked closely with leading CROs and Sponsors on many phase I-IV studies. All our sites have a large database of study candidates and works with over 100+ surrounding practices and referral facilities. We also have all the necessary equipment for conducting long-term PK studies and overnight accommodations.

Elite Clinical Network utilizes the most advanced knowledge and practices in the industry. All our staff have training in GCP, ICH and FDA guidelines and are required to attend medical/clinical training programs. We also offer ACRP certification after two years of service. Behind all this training is a commitment to curing diseases, improving quality of life and relieving patient suffering. We strive to be a pacesetter in clinical research through our data, our people, and our programs. Voted Number One Site of the Year by a leading pharmaceutical company, Elite Clinical Network enables you to move your clinical studies forward with confidence in our competence and comfort in our commitment.

David S. Wilson II (Founder/CEO, retired):
Staring out his career as a clinical research coordinator, Mr. Wilson founded Elite in 1996 and grew it from a small phase research site into a multi-specialty clinic capable of conducting phase I-IV studies. His strong personal interests in his work, his clients and patients has made ECN the antithesis of a SMO…instead offering effective and efficient management with a hands-on approach to quality service and success.

In 2017 David II retired from ECN and handed the reins over to his son (David Wilson III) who has been working in the industry for over 10 years now. Starting out as a recruiter and slowly working himself up to CRC and then onto Site Director. David III has successfully added four sites to the ECN network with three of them being our highest enrolling sites with the best overall quality! David III is now the acting CEO with David II now proudly supporting ECN as a consultant.  

KOLD Channel 13 News

Channel 13 News interview ECN CEO, David Wilson