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    Elite Clinical Network Quarterly Newsletter, Q3

    David S Wilson


    Q2 was a very strong and exciting quarter for Elite, we added three new sites and hired over 20 new employees. Our sites secured 14 new clinical studies and enrolled 285 combined subjects in clinical studies. Our newest site in Las Vegas (Excel Clinical Research) secured its first two clinical studies and is now officially up and running. I want to give a shout out to the Excel team and personally welcome Dr Anderson who is our newest Principal Investigator, overall he is doing a great job!

    I also want to personally welcome Central Valley Research to our network, they joined our team earlier this year so please do your best to help them with study leads and anything else they need.

    Q3 is looking very strong for all of us, we are looking to add another 15-20 clinical studies while expanding the network with more diversity in other areas of the industry. Empire Clinical recently expanded its operations with a second location and has already added an OGBYN and women’s health specialist. Marvel Clinical has also expanded its operations with a bigger location while also adding a sleep center and OBGYN specialist. Overall our network is doing great and we are growing very strong, we’ve had no FDA audits and ALL of our sponsor audits have been clean and blessed by both the CROs and Sponsors! Looking forwarding to another successful quarter this year!

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    Industry News!

    Here’s the Problem with Today’s Human Clinical Trials.

    LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif.—The cost to develop and gain
    FDA approval for a new drug today is more than $2.5 billion…

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    Monitor Recognition


    This quarter we would like to recognize Clayton Shapiro who is a dedicated monitor for Empire Clinical and was chosen for his many characteristics. Besides being very helpful and easy to approach, Clayton always provided extra assistance, in-depth protocol training/clarification and was always available for additional staff training. He always made monitoring visits extremely fun and enjoyable. Empire incorporated a themed Site Initiation Visit for the “Swimmer’s Ear” study and everyone wore Hawaiian Shirts in order to create a positive and enthusiastic kick off! Clayton is always taking us to the next level by getting staff excited about being part of a clinical study. At every monitoring visit, Clayton will always stop by the manager’s office in order to update us on our progress while sharing positive feedback on our lovely staff and PI. Clayton is very personable and we always love having him at our site! Sarah Gordon, Site Supervisor Empire Clinical.

    Employee Recogition

    Paulina is energetic, fun, and punctual. She works efficiently and effectively with minimal deviations. Despite the stress level at work, she’s always welcoming and caring towards the subjects. She is a team player because as busy as she is, she always make time to help or train other staff members. She also likes to joke around, thus making the clinic a good work environment and alleviating stress for everyone.

    Active Studies

    • Rosacea
    • Endometriosis
    • Type II Diabetes
    • Uterine Fibroids
    • Uncomplicated UTI
    • Osteoarthritis Hip/Knee Pain


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